Our principal owners were involved the system designs for the hydraulic conversions to Bosch valves for several Lathe manufactures. We have hydraulic and control systems for the entire plant. This includes the log processor area where we have provided entire hydraulic packages for these systems.
Packages we have available Include:
  • Step Feeders
  • Quad Feeders
  • Log Ladders
  • Lathe X-Y Charger Systems
  • Charger Clamp and Traverse Systems
  • Lathe High Speed Spindle Systems
  • Lathe Back Up Roll Systems
  • Lathe Pitch and Gap Systems
  • Roller Bar Systems
  • Carriage Drive Systems
  • Trash Gate Systems
  • Tray Positioning Systems
  • Clipper Conversions
  • Stacker Conversions (Dry & Wet)
  • Press Hydraulic Systems
  • Press Loader and Unloader Systems
  • Layup Line Hydraulic Systems
  • Saw Line Hydraulic Systems
  • Complete piping of the entire plant

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