Our company has been a pioneer of providing solutions for mat press markets. We have performed in depth studies involving OSB and MDF Presses. The finite studies we have performed have allowed us to supply solutions to most of the problems found in column presses.

APSTI supplies complete turn key solutions to provide shock free hydraulic systems. The shock induced into the press machinery because of the large volumes of oil being moves causes premature failure of the piping, Valves, Pumps and main structure. We have systems in operation that eliminate the shock and its transmission into the piping, crowns, bases, columns and the simultaneous systems.

We have manufactured entire hydraulic systems for an eight bottle press and have dozens of power unit and press hydraulic conversions in place. In most cases, these conversions have virtually eliminated the need for repairs to the hydraulic system and reduced power consumption by removing pumps and maintaining the same or faster speeds.

We perform complete piping conversions to allow the system to better handle the mechanical stresses transferred into the piping from the press.
  • We can provide a complete turn key project including controls
  • We have conversions for flaker drives and position set works
  • We have press loader and unloader conversions to increase speed and reliability
  • We work on all makes of presses

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